The eden equine philosophy

At Eden Equine our goal is to build a stronger relationship between our human and equine clients. We will create an individualized program to help you meet your goals in a safe and relaxed learning environment.

     No matter what your level of riding, age or "horsey goals", we can help tailor a riding or training program for you. Every rider starts by building a strong, independent and balanced seat in the saddle.  As well as learning the horsemanship side of riding.  You will not only learn to ride, but learn how to handle and care for your equine partner on the ground as well.  All students will learn the basics of grooming, tacking up, and caring for their horse.  You will also learn to speak their language, reading and watching for cues in their body language, to help you understand what your horses are trying to communicate.  This isn't rocket science, it's done every time we are on the ground, working around horses, during our regular routines.  But it helps to keep us safe and our horses happy.  There is far more to horses than just learning how to ride.

     Once in the saddle, you will begin by learning the basic aids to control your horse on the flat and then progressively, if you desire over fences.  The basic aids for communicating with your horse are the same, whether your in an English or Western saddle.  Once riders have developed their base; not only of the understanding of their aids, but of their seat & balance, then they can branch of into whichever discipline they choose.  Whether it be eventing, dressage, jumping, recreational riding, reining, barrels or a combination of all of the above.

     Once the foundation is laid, we then begin to understand how our horses learn.  Riders are educated on the training pyramid and how to use it to improve their horse's way of going.  All the while using clear Equitation Science principles to eliminate any conflicts in either our aids or the horse's response

     I strongly believe in cross training horses; not only for the physical benefits, but the mental ones as well.  This means mixing jumping exercises into flat days (without actually having to jump) or doing poles or dressage movements in a western saddle.  As well due to the particular demands of the sport of eventing, riders need to be super secure and strong in the tack - something riders of all disciplines can benefit from.  We do lots of two point and no stirrups!  I am also an ardent believer in working on rider fitness alongside our skills in the tack.  And let's admit it; sometimes we all need to get out of the ring and stop riding in circles.  Trail riding and hacking out remind us all why we got into this sport in the first place. 

     While training horses and riders based on an eventing foundation, I have found anyone is able to go forth and compete in any English discipline and win.  This creates strong, confident, independent, well rounded riders.   I want to create life long horsemen, who will always return to the sport as something they love and value.  Horseman & riders who can think for themselves, ask questions on behalf of their horses and who never stop learning.