other barn regulars

There are a few creatures roaming the barn aisles that are without hooves yet, like the horses, will do anything for a quick scratch or pat.

ella & Dio

Ella is a 4yr old husky cross who we rescued at the age of 1.  Dio is 2yr old Coonhound X Sheppard.  The two of them love to roam the ranch and keep an eye on all comings and goings as well as making sure their subjects (all the other animals) are doing what they're supposed to.  Don't be alarmed, its their job to bark and alert us when someone arrives.  They are both overly friendly!  Dio will try to get you to "hold his hand" while Ella will try to entice you the play with her husky howl!  

The barn cats

During your visit to the barn you may notice one of our many friendly barn cats.  Although seemingly shy at first, they all love to be petted, and will soon be following you around in search of some attention.

Johnson and his chickens

We have free range chickens roaming the yard supervised by the not quite as friendly Johnson the rooster.  You may be surprised to find the chickens as far off as the hay stack but they always find their way back to the coop every night.  Johnson takes his job of security a little too seriously so always make sure you've got an eye on him otherwise you might feel a little nibble at your heels.  

Please let me know if you'd like to purchase any free range eggs @ $4/doz.

Dairy Cows

We've got just over 100 Holstein (breed) heifers (meaning young females) here on the ranch.  They arrive to us from the lower mainland once they have been confirmed pregnant.  They spend 10-11 months growing and getting fat, only to head back down before they're due to calf.  Joining the large herd down there for the remainder of their lives.

Beef Cows

There are a handful of beef cows, steers and bulls who spend their time between our hay lands in the winter and the range land up the mountain in the summer.