Located in the heart of the Nicola Valley, Collett Ranch is centrally located right in the town of Merritt with easy access to Kamloops, Kelowna and the lower mainland, all within a maximum of 2hrs.  

Our horses live out 24/7 in small groups.  At the moment there are only two paddocks with a maximum of 3 horses per paddock.  This allows the horses to live socially as they were intended to do but still be able to keep an eye on them.  Ensuring that they are all getting enough to eat and no one is picked on.  

Each paddock has a large shelter with enough room for everyone to escape the weather.  Whether that be the beating sun in the summer, the snow in the winter or the wind all the time!  Horses also have free access to water which is heated in the winter, making chores just a little easier.  Depending on the time of year, the horses also get rotational access to field turnout where they have 5 acres to roam and munch.

At the moment the ring isn't much but it sure does the trick.  It's 20X40, so officially dressage sized, a just a corner of the field fenced with temporary fencing but it dreams big.  We've got a number of show jumps as well as dressage letters.  The hope is to start upgrading the ring starting with new footing and a fence in 2018.  Then down the line, adding some lights and maybe one day (a girl can dream) a roof!

We've also got a small hogfuel round pen located by the paddocks.  This is a great space for starting both new horses and riders.  It means the young horses have an easier time remaining focused and that I am always an arm's length away from all new riders.

We use the hitching rail to tie to for brushing and tacking up which is located next to the barn.  The barn houses the feed room as well as a x-tie for any night time or winter grooming/first aid.  It also serves a winter jump storage.  The tack room is located in the shop.  It is insulated & somewhat heated keeping all the tack dry and locked away.