All of our lesson horses are safe, well educated partners.  They are all experts in their own right and have something to teach you.  Just like humans, each horse is an individual, full of personality.  We take the time to find the right equine partner for each rider based on a multitude of qualities


Emmy has been with us for six years now.  She is a 14hh POA mare and is approximately 10 years old.  Emmy's previous owner rescued her as a yearling and has done a wonderful job giving her a second chance at life.  One of Emmy's favorite things is to get brushed.  She could stand for hours while the kids fuss over her!  Emmy is also a fabulous jumper and gets really excited once the jumps start to get a little bit bigger.  She does the odd lesson but recently has become Jen's main competitive mount.  She has loads of potential and a fun personality.


Allan, or Alibi, depending on who you ask, is genial character who loves all the ladies.  He is an appendix gelding (which means quarter horse X Thoroughbred) who's somewhere in his late teens and approximately 16.2hh.  Al came to us last spring as a husband horse.  He is a jack of all trades and has spent his recent years being a trusted and reliable ranch horse who dabbles in ring work and even a little jumping.  Adam (my husband) & Al love to hit the trails and head up to the range to help move cows when needed.  In his down time he likes to teach the odd lesson in the ring helping riders perfect their aids in both English and Western tack.


Goldie belongs to one of our boarders and was her childhood mount.  She was sold and lived with a lovely family for a few years but has now returned to enjoy her semi-retirement  Now entering her 20's, Goldie is enjoying a much slower pace of life teaching the occasional lesson but mostly hanging out with her friends and eating as much as she can.  Goldie is a 14.2hh Palomino quarter horse who has done a little bit of everything over the years from highschool rodeo to jumping and everything in between.  She is a great beginner's mount, liking to go as slow and stead as possible, while still cheeky enough to give her mom a little trouble from time to time.


Jen bought Zee in late 2014, and has been working hard to slowly integrate her into the lesson program.  Zee is a 15.3hh  Percheron X Thoroughbred mare with a tricky personality.  She presents a highly rewarding challenge to her more advanced riders in the ring but particularly loves to get out on the trails and explore the beautiful country side with her boyfriend Al.  She will always welcome you with a friendly nicker (the volume of which increases if you happen to be holding food) and loves a good scratch.


Katniss is the newest addition to our herd.  She is only 3 years old, and has recently begun her training using only Equitation Science methods.  Although a warmblood she is a little small in stature at 14.3hh compared to the average one.  That is because Katniss is a twin.  Her sister's name is Roo and lives across town.  Its very rare that both foals survive so I'm hoping that gives her a little extra special quality!  Right now she can walk & trot under saddle in both the ring and hacking out.  She's in no hurry to grow up and decide what she wants to be, for now she gets to learn and grow at her own speed.