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     "Jen is one of the most positive, hard-working, and dedicated people I know. She worked with my thoroughbred gelding in the early stages of his training. During her time with him she was always very patient and taught through positive reinforcement. This really helped build a solid foundation for my horse, giving him confidence with the new skills he was learning at the time. When horses have difficulty with certain things I really like how she doesn't rush them into doing things too fast- she takes her time to teach them and introduces them to new situations gradually. Jen's positive attitude really comes out through her teaching as well- when she teaches you can tell how enthusiastic and passionate she is about what she does. She really wants her students and their horses to have a safe experience while riding and continue learning and building upon the skills they have. She is also incredibly knowledgeable- anytime I have a question about anything, be it injuries, tack, or riding technique she'll always take the time to help and offers great advice. All around Jen is an amazing horse person who develops strong and positive relationships with both her horses and students."


     "It takes a lot of guts to start riding horses when you are over 40!! But a few years ago I did just that and I know that it was the experience of having a good coach that made me stick with it and enjoy it as much as I do now. I even jump horses now! The goal for riding for me is still to just feel safe and be able to go on trail rides and even summer horse camping trips up in the mountains. Jen was my first coach and is still my coach now. She has a very calming way of teaching (and you can hear her from a mile away!!) that really builds your confidence and makes you feel like you are progressing every time we have a lesson. While I have had different instructors along the way, Jen is someone you can trust to get you started and grow with for a long time to come. Thanks Jen for all, without you who knows if I would still be riding and there is nothing better in the world than a good ride!"