August 19, 2015

Well it's been over three years since my last entry, so needless to say, there have been a number of changes that have occurred.  For starters, as is probably quite obvious, the Eden Equine website has received a much needed face lift, thanks to one of our older students!

We've had to say goodbye to a few four-legged friends this past year.  My  young thoroughbred gelding, Gadget (GoGo), was the first to leave us for heaven's endless green pastures, followed by one of our school horses, Valentine, and my beloved beagle, Abby.  All three are greatly missed both by myself and the students.

On a happier note, things have been going really well with the rest of the horses!  Emmy has turned out to be not only the perfect mount for my beginner and novice students, but she's a ton of fun for the more experienced riders.  I myself thoroughly enjoy our rides together.  Leda, too, is still going strong, and the kids adore her!  One Zee was welcomed to the Eden Equine family last fall, and although things were slightly rocky at first, with a bit of work she's turned out to be quite a fun ride.

This past summer has also been quite successful for our small Eden Equine show team.